eSmart Partnership Ltd

Interim FinTech COO, CIO, Change Leadership  

Lets ..Lets .. set up Investment Governance for astute spendingLets .. implement Portfolio Management to optimise your program mixLets .. build an Enterprise ePMO for global control and quality assuranceLets .. deliver a key FinTech Program reliablyLets .. step in to improve Operations as an Interim COO Lets .. lead Technology change as an interim CTO Lets .. provide oversight as a NED Board memberLets .. work together to develop your Entreprenerial ideaLets .. impartialy implement your joint venture Lets .. create PPM standards for reliable program delivery Lets .. lead the creation of your new Startup 

Are you looking for a trusted right hand man to provide leadership and support to your business, on a flexible working arrangement ?  Do you have an ever growing list of things you urgently need done but don’t have the time or the breadth of skills on your team to do it ?  Working arrangements are flexible and can vary from 1 day per week to full time, in order to most effectively support priority high focus activities or longer duration organisational evolution.  With extensive experience in structuring and delivering complex Change Agendas, Portfolio Management, Enterprise ePMO, FinTech, Joint Ventures, Startups, and Strategy development, across Banking, Aerospace, and Manufacturing. Bring on an interim executive or build a virtual team that can flex to satisfy budget, duration and complexity requirements. We can provide experienced key resources to cover the areas below. Every business is unique, so contact us with your problem and lets see how we can help. 



We can fill a leadership void quickly with a seasoned business executive. Experienced with leading Technology departments, running and Streamlining Business Operations, developing Technology and Business Strategy, Service level management, and restructuring using 6Sigma & Lean Process re-engineering for improved operational efficiency.

Startup & JV

FinTech & Joint Ventures

Implementation of Joint Ventures and Startups, Program Management for FinTech, and Effective Program Management of large global change investments, is a mixture of art and science, and we excel at both. With extensive experience in Business and Technology design, Planning and Delivery of complex change, aligning change investment to Strategy, Investment Governance, and Stakeholder Management for robust investment decisions and consistent delivery.


Non Executive Boardmember

Good leadership on your management board is built around representation from a wise and varied group.  We find these roles both fascinating and personally rewarding. Let us strenthen your Boardroom team, with deep experience of structuring, monitoring and delivering large scale change to support buisness strategy.


Investment Governance

If your spending large amounts of money investing in change programs, setting up effective Portfolio Management and Investment Governance function will ensusure clear visibility of delviery performance and an optimal mix of programs to support your business strategies. Aligning porfolios and performance scorecards to CIO's and using drivers such as strategic objectives drives accountability to the business for an optimal mix, while the program KPI's ensure reliable delviery.


Enterprise Program Management

Global organisations with large project porfolios require a strong Enterprise PMO to for observance of operational Controls and Quality Assurance of underlying project data, cost and use of standardised artefacts. These are essential prerequisites to provide baseline MI to feed the upstream Porfolio Management dashboards and deecision making governance bodies.



If you are an Entrepreneur with a great business idea, the hardest thing is to find other like minded people with broad experience who have actually built businesses from the ground up who can offer advice or parnership. We have taken many business from early idea to profitable operations. This is one of our favourite type of assignment, and we have worked on very small to very large businesses, there are many ways we can parter to help you succeed, from strategy, planning, business setup, supply chain, automation, online presence and social media. Come for a chat and some free advice.